We are off to a great start to stopping commercial trophy hunting in the Southern Great Bear Rainforest Tenure

We have already reached 7% of our goal!

Last week we launched our campaign to stop commercial trophy hunting in the Southern Great Bear Rainforest Tenure and we were met with so much support that we’ve already raised $145,110 of our total goal of $1.92 million – that’s 7%! 

When you donate to help us purchase these hunting rights, your donation has a direct impact of protecting dozens of species from being commercially trophy hunted in over a quarter of the Great Bear Rainforest. Protecting these animals, that could otherwise be hunted for trophy, ensures a functioning ecosystem while also exemplifying the new conservation economy, as there are more than 19 ecotourism companies who rely on respectful wildlife viewing in this region.

Ariel photography of an archipelago in the Southern Great Bear Rainforest Tenure
Photo by Jeremy Koreski / Nimmo Bay.

We began purchasing hunting tenures back in 2005, and have since acquired 5 tenures adding up to more than 38,000 km2 of the BC coast – an area larger than Vancouver Island or the entire country of Belgium. 

With your donation, we can continue working towards our goal of stopping commercial trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest. We look forward to completing this goal with you!

Support our mobile lab, Tracker!

Our new mobile lab will enable the Healthy Waters Program to deliver capacity, learning, and training to watershed-based communities. We need your support to convert the vehicle and equip it with lab instrumentation. This will allow us to deliver insight into pollutants of concern in local watersheds, and contribute to solution-oriented practices that protect and restore fish habitat.

Sam Scott and Peter Ross standing in front of the future mobile lab, which is a grey sprinter van.