Stop Terminal 2 expansion: Protect Southern Resident killer whales and their prey, Fraser River Chinook salmon

Protect Killer Whales & Salmon - Say no to Roberts Bank Terminal 2.

The Port of Vancouver is proposing to expand its shipping terminal in the Fraser River estuary, a project that will adversely affect Fraser River Chinook salmon and Southern Resident killer whales.

Canada’s own Impact Assessment Agency has concluded that habitat loss and estuary changes from the expansion of the shipping terminal will have significant adverse and cumulative effects on Southern Resident killer whales through:

• the destruction of legally protected critical habitat,
• reduced salmon availability,
• increased underwater noise from a 25% increase in ships transiting the Salish Sea.

The damage to these species and their habitat can not be effectively mitigated

Click “Take action” to send a letter to the federal cabinet and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Jonathan Wilkinson, saying ‘no’ to the Terminal 2 expansion and commit to protect and restore salmon and killer whales.

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Research scientist, Adam Warner conducting genetics research in our genetics lab.
Photo by Alex Harris / Raincoast Conservation Foundation.