The home stretch to protect the Kitlope’s coastal carnivores

We now only need $100,000 to purchase the Kitlope hunting tenure.

Howling wolf

Image by Paul Nicklen / SeaLegacy.

We had an amazing response to our last fundraising appeal – thank you! We have now raised $550,000 of the $650,000 needed for us to purchase the Kitlope commercial hunting tenure. So many of you have donated to help us to end hunting of large carnivores in the Great Bear Rainforest. 

Two generous donors have confirmed that they will step up to match half of the funds needed to get us to our final goal of $650,000. Now, the impact of every dollar you donate is doubled!

With the support and collaboration of First Nations in the Great Bear Rainforest, we have already acquired the commercial trophy hunting rights in approximately 33,500 square kilometres of BC’s Great Bear Rainforest. With our coastal First Nations partners, we permanently extinguish guided hunting when we purchase the tenures. Our ultimate goal is to secure the rights to all commercial trophy hunting tenures in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Sitting on the coast of British Columbia, Canada, the Kitlope Nuyem Jees Conservancy is the largest expanse of intact coastal temperate rainforest in the world. The Kitlope commercial hunting tenure is 5300 km2 and encompasses the entire Kitlope Conservancy and surrounding area. This acquisition helps add critical protection, directly saving the lives of the Kitlope’s wolves, bears and wolverine, in line with the wishes of communities and elders like Cecil Paul.

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As a filmmaker and photographer, Alex uses her camera to to inspire curiosity and gratitude for the natural world and the people and communities who work to protect it.