How do we learn during a pandemic?

Teachers and educators - what do you need?

Maureen Vo shares a laugh with a student of the Salish Sea Emerging Stewards Program.

Photo by Mike Morash.

A new school year has just begun and many teachers and students are anxious,  wondering about what lies ahead of them for the year. With this school year being very different from any other, both teachers and students are slowly adjusting to this “new normal” of learning.

Raincoast has also had to adjust how we educate students, shifting from our transformative experiential and place-based learning to predominantly virtual, online engagement. 

With the pilot Coastal Insights online learning series under our belt, we are now seeking to develop a new series that will continue to engage and inspire students with understanding different perspectives on contemporary stewardship and conservation in the Salish Sea.

In order to better respond to community needs we need your input.  Teachers, parents, caregivers, and program providers, can you help us understand what you need most to help educate and engage students safely?  

If you’re interested in getting more support with educating your class or student(s), please fill out a short survey (link below) to help Raincoast shape our next online learning series. 

With our thanks.

Maureen Vo Maureen Vo stands on the bow of a small sailing vessel in the coastal waters of British Columbia.

Maureen Vo is a Raincoast Education and Development Coordinator. She joined the Raincoast team in 2016 to help pilot the Salish Sea Emerging Stewards program. Maureen holds an interdisciplinary Master’s in marine biology and computer engineering. You can find her rock climbing, snowboarding, and sailing.