Angela Gnyp: A wilderness artist down under

New Zealand artist working to Safeguard Coastal Carnivores.

If you were to ask me what one thing always captures my attention, I would say it is a vision to protect the land and the animals that live on it.

When I first found out about Raincoast’s goal to buy up the commercial hunting territories in 2013, it was something I couldn’t ignore. So, on discovering the opportunity to fundraise for the Safeguarding Coastal Carnivores campaign earlier this year, I knew I had to sign up.

Having the ability to raise funds online has enabled me to proactively support this cause that I am passionate about, despite the thousands of kilometres that lay between my home in New Zealand and the Great Bear Rainforest on the northwest coast.

By being involved as a volunteer fundraiser, it keeps me hopeful for the well-being and long-term survival of every bear, wolf, wolverine and cougar that lives in this rain-swept region.

Support Angela’s fundraiser, and help safeguard coastal carnivores!

Angela Gnyp’s fundraiser 

The purchase of the Nadeea tenure will not only give these animals a safe and secure existence, but will also lead to richer, stronger and more resilient ecosystems that are honoured and never exploited again.

Safeguarding coastal carnivores is particularly important to me because it is about respecting life. This campaign reflects back my own love for the wild and is a vital step in changing the way people perceive and treat the natural environment.

That is why it means a lot to me to be supporting Raincoast as a fundraiser right now. It is about declaring what behaviour is no longer acceptable towards all bear species, including black bears, in the Great Bear Rainforest.

I imagine giving generations of these wild and diverse animals the safety and freedom to live in the landscape where they were born, and to me, that is a future worth fundraising for.

Angela Gnyp's drawing of a paw print and hand

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  • Support the recovery of endangered Southern Resident killer whales by restoring Chinook salmon habitat, and so much more.
Chris Genovali, executive director of Raincoast Conservation Foundation.
Chris Genovali, Executive Director

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