BC Liberals publish campaign promise to “work towards” eliminating grizzly hunting in GBR

It appears that the BC Liberals have agreed to eliminate grizzly hunting in the GBR.

It’s a welcome development to have both parties supporting the call to end the grizzly hunt in the Great Bear Rainforest. It shows how mainstream this topic has become. The evidence is overwhelming. Every argument that’s been put out there to justify the grizzly hunt has been blown out of the water, whether it’s economic, ecological or ethical. Studies have shown that bear viewing generates more revenue than bear hunting. – Chris Genovali, Executive Director

“BC Liberals promise to eliminate grizzly trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest”

By Jenny Uechi in News | April 11th 2017, The National Observer

In a stunning reversal of policy, the BC Liberals stated in their 2017 platform that they will eliminate grizzly bear hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest.

On page 122 of the 2017 platform, the document states:

“We are committed to protecting healthy and sustainable wildlife populations. We must operate on the principle of conservation first in order to pass on B.C.’s natural splendour so future generations can enjoy it. That’s why our wildlife management practices are determined by the best available science. Today’s BC Liberals will work with the Coastal First Nations towards the elimination of the grizzly bear hunt in the Great Bear Rainforest, continuing with the science based approach to the bear hunt elsewhere in the province.

In past years, the BC Liberals have defended grizzly bear hunting in British Columbia, despite opinion polls showing nearly 90 per cent of B.C. residents opposed to the trophy hunting of grizzlies.

Read the whole story by Jenny Uechi at the National Observer .

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Chris Genovali, executive director of Raincoast Conservation Foundation.
Chris Genovali, Executive Director

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