Clayoquot Sound – then and now

Twenty years after protesters against West Coast clearcutting endured mass arrests, the event continues to shape environmental movement


It’s hard to believe, for me at any rate, that Friday marked the 20th anniversary of the mass arrests at Clayoquot Sound, an event that transformed the face of environmentalism and forced governments and corporations to start taking such concerns seriously.

The protests at Clayoquot Sound, which lies just off Tofino on Vancouver Island’s outer coast of pristine beaches, rugged coastlines, islets, inlets and tranquil sheltered coves, represented the coalescing of public objections to clearcut logging plans by corporations who were following government policy in majestic old-growth forests…

What followed was the largest mass arrest for civil disobedience in the province’s history.

Twenty years on, perhaps it’s worth remembering what launched the protests – and what the protests launched…

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