BC torturing wolves to protect cattle on crown land

Wolves on public land in the Kootenay’s are the target for the Province’s neck snares; a cruel and unethical way for wolves to suffer and die. Photo: Brad Hill

Kootenay WolfSnare-low.jog


BC Provincial Government is literally torturing wolves on public land

Brad Hill, a wildlife photographer and biologist from the Columbia Valley, has discovered that the BC provincial government has placed wolf neck snares on crown land near his home. Hill has located 18 snares centered near a bait pile of road-killed elk and mule deer, designed to draw wolves into the area. Hill has learned that the neck snares targeting wolves have been placed by provincial conservation officers at the behest of a privately held ranching operation that runs cattle on this particular crown land. Hill has also posted an online petition opposing the snaring of wolves – you can sign it here.




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