Surfin’ Safari

Top Canadian surfer Peter Devries rides the waves of the Great Bear Rainforest to bring attention to the damage that an oil spill could bring to the ecosystem. Photo credit Jeremy Koreski

Seaside Times

March 2012

By Chris Genovali

Raincoast Conservation Foundation has an exciting project in the works with our friends at Patagonia, a leader among environmentally-minded businesses.

Striving to alert more people about plans to impose tar sands pipelines and oil tankers on British Columbia’s central and north coast via the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway project, how could we inform the people of California, for instance, as they are expected to be one of the primary recipients of this crude oil?

It came to Raincoast’s surfing science director Dr. Chris Darimont while immersed in the water, literally. Why couldn’t surfers – the closest approximation of marine mammals among we humans – bring voice to this issue on behalf of whales, dolphins, porpoises and other species that would be at risk from a catastrophic oil spill on Canada’s Pacific coast?  An idea for a documentary film and new outreach initiative was born.

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