Help Raincoast end the trophy hunt

IMAGINE if your conservation investment could go directly to protecting the lives of wild animals, now and forever.

In 2005, our supporters helped us purchase a vast hunting territory and end commercial trophy hunting in an area three times the size of Yellowstone National Park.  It has now been five years since our acquisition and we have seen river valleys come alive with bears and wolves. The renewed presence of these animals has also spurred commercial wildlife viewing and local business opportunities.  We now want to build on that success.

Raincoast’s 24,000 km2 hunting territory is in green.  We have a purchase agreement of the 3500 km2 spirit bear territory in yellow.  Raincoast’s ownership of these two territories will end the commercial trophy hunting of bears and wolves in over 27,000 km2 of the BC coast. The estimated size of the tenures includes only land area.

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