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We did it again! the Spirit of Christmas

In July of 2011 we raised the $370,000 in acquisition costs needed to purchase the tenure. Since raising the funds, we have been waiting for the BC Ministry of Environment to transfer the new territory to Raincoast

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Help Raincoast end the trophy hunt

IMAGINE if your conservation investment could go directly to protecting the lives of wild animals, now and forever.

In 2005, our supporters helped us purchase a vast hunting territory and end commercial trophy hunting in an area three times the size of Yellowstone National Park….

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Raincoast to purchase Spirit Bear hunting territory

Last year, Raincoast began negotiations to acquire a very unique hunting territory – the primary place where spirit bears roam.  Despite a restriction on killing spirit bears, trophy hunting of black bears – that carry the recessive gene that causes the white coat – is allowed. Our purchase will help protect these rare bears and […]

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