Marine bird talk by Caroline Fox

Raincoast biologist Caroline Fox speaks to Victoria Natural History Society

Marine bird talk at VNHS Wednesday, October 27, 7:30 pm Rm 159 Fraser Building UVic Campus

Wednesday, October 27   7:30 pm
Victoria Natural History Society
Rm 159 Fraser Building, University of Victoria

Admission is free. Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend and a coffee mug.

Birds at Sea

Marine birds are among the most spectacular and diverse members of the marine environment. They are also among the most vulnerable to human activities. Beginning in 2005, Raincoast Conservation Foundation has undertaken extensive at-sea marine bird surveys in the waters of the north and central coast. With major industrial developments, including oil supertankers, being proposed for these waters, marine bird conservation concerns are growing.

Join Caroline Fox, Marine Bird Program Coordinator, on a seasonal journey with the marine birds that inhabit the waters lying adjacent to the Great Bear Rainforest.