Our first blog entry!

Chris Darimont and family prepare for Raincoast's field season in the Great Bear

More notes, more ideas, more reflections. More action.

The Raincoast Conservation Foundation has been at the fore front of science and research on the coast of British Columbia for a number of years. We publish peer reviewed papers, we develop reports, we host conferences. We also have a talent for getting press, we produce a hit newsletter, Notes From the Field, and an award winning annual report, Tracking Raincoast. But this year, we aim to provide more insights, more reflections and more ideas from the individual voices of the members of our team.

To do this we created a blog. Welcome.

Posts are forthcoming. If there are particular people you want to hear from, or if there are particular topics you’re interested in having addressed, please let us know by leaving a comment.

Get involved.

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Yours, Chris Darimont.