Climate change is real and demands a concerted effort

By Chris Genovali, Vancouver Sun, December  22, 2009

Re: The scare tacticians: ‘Scientists’ should face criminal prosecution, Dec. 18

David Warren’s paranoia-ridden anti-science polemic reads like something Sarah Palin would have penned. Come to think of it, she recently wrote an article in the Washington Post peddling the same kinds of fringe theories on climate change.Contrary to Warren’s unsubstantiated conjecture, there is incontrovertible evidence of human-caused climate change. According to his logic, institutions that have articulated the need to address climate change, such as NASA, the Pentagon, the CIA, the Catholic Church and the United Nations, are involved in a massive socialist conspiracy to fleece industrialized countries. Warren’s McCarthyite contention that climate scientists should be subject to prosecution is a true measure of the deniers’ extremist nature.

Chris Genovali
Executive Director, Raincoast Conservation, Sidney