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Spirit Bear Hunting Territory: August Update

August 2nd 2011

Thank you so very much for your generous support of this project. We want to inform you that we have raised the purchase price and the closing costs for the acquisition.   We are in the process of negotiating the purchase transfer with the Ministry of Environment.  Once this is transfered, we will announce the completion of the purchase.

We are still fundraising for the accompanying annual costs of managing and monitoring the territory in addition to final campaign cost associated with the purchase, so if you would like to support this purchase, your donations are still greatly appreciated.


7 Responses to “Spirit Bear Hunting Territory: August Update”

  1. Laura Governali says:

    What wonderful news!!!! Thanks for letting us all know! And congratulations!!!

  2. connor says:

    Excellent News! Thank you and congratulations. Although i am not from British Columbia I keep myself very well educated and updated on what is happening out there and your Foundation is remarkable, giving me hope for the future.

  3. Pam Skelton says:

    Amazing news!!! Congratulations and thank you to all of you who have worked so hard on this!

  4. Bob Smith says:

    You need to tell the truth Spirit Bears are not alowed to be hunted they are protected by law.

    So why did we LIE to raise the funds for this???????

  5. Misty MacDuffee says:

    You’re correct Bob. Spirit Bears are not allowed to be hunted and this is stated in all of our materials. However the territory where spirit bears reside, along with the rights to hunt black bears (which carry the recessive gene that gives spirit beats their white coat) and wolves, was being sold. This territory is also linked to a larger territory that has a grizzly quota. Our objective with these territories is to stop the trophy hunting of carnivores, and had we not purchased this license another guide outfitter would have. With that would have been a likely increase in sport hunting on Princess Royal and Gribbell Islands, the heart of Spirit bear territory.

  6. Sslous says:

    That thing would make an awesome rug!

  7. frances pugh says:

    Congratulations. What a proactive idea and well done! Perhaps we, the public, could have some sort of an idea of the annual costs to retain the licenses, manage and monitor. Wildlife management has been a failure in BC, so if we can assist financially, it would be nice to show the government how it could be done.
    British Columbia’s wildlife, one of our greatest assets, has been taking such a hit — all species from deer, to wolves, to cougars to bears – there is a complete lack of balance and a lot of paranoia.
    Look forward to the vision.

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