Suzie Hall
NoiseTracker Coordinator (Technical and operations)

Suzie hails from Manchester, England and holds a Master’s degree in Physics. Since moving to the west coast in 2019, she has spent considerable time at OrcaLab in Kwakwaka’wakw Territory studying the acoustic repertoire and social dynamics of the Northern Resident killer whale population. She is particularly interested in the cultural significance of the ‘rubbing beaches’, and nuanced acoustic divergence between matrilineal generations of orcas.

A proud member of “Generation Free Willy”, Suzie’s world has been shaped by a lifelong love of whales, dolphins, and their ocean home. At university, she chaired her local SCUBA diving club and ran a small non-profit focussed on reducing plastic pollution through community education and empowerment. Her passion for killer whales, in particular, has taken her to some incredible places, volunteering in projects from British Columbia down to the southern reaches of Patagonia.

Suzie is incredibly grateful and humbled to be able to call this coast her home. Her favourite activities include diving between the nooks and crannies of the underwater world, gunkholin’ around the infinite coastline in her 34’ sloop, and hiking the many trails that this landscape has to offer. Most of these activities also include an inevitable search for whales.

suzie [at] raincoast [dot] org