Samantha Scott, BSc
Water Quality Coordinator

Sam is the Water Quality Coordinator for Raincoast’s Healthy Waters program. She assists Dr. Peter Ross in the implementation of community-based research into water quality in various watersheds around Southern British Columbia. 

Sam received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Simon Fraser University. While studying at SFU she had the opportunity to attend field school at Bamfield Marine Science Center where a lifelong love for aquatic ecosystems solidified into a passion for research. This led to three successive seasons working as a Field Technician on Raincoast’s Lower Fraser Salmon Conservation Program. 

Her interests include studying anthropogenic impacts on aquatic ecosystems, and understanding how changes in policy implementation can be used to preserve these ecosystems for future generations. While not at work, Sam can be found hiking with her dog, beachcombing, and working on restoring her boat Resilience – a 42’ Roughwater Trawler.

samantha [at] raincoast [dot] org