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Investigate. Inform. Inspire.

By sharing both our scientific and conservation efforts, we aim to inspire others to take action and protect wildlife and their wilderness habitats. Follow our guest opinion pieces in major newspapers, our popular media coverage, conservation updates, and annual reports.

Opinion Editorials

Raincoast researchers display drift cards aboard sailboat in the Salish Sea.

Raincoast staff write guest and featured opinion pieces for major newspapers in Canada, the US, and the UK.

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Raincoast in the News

Raincoast researchers display drift cards aboard sailboat in the Salish Sea.

Follow Raincoast through popular media as we attempt to spread the word regarding our conservation efforts.

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Notes from the Field

A grizzly bear gazes into the fog in the Great Bear Rainforest.

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Tracking Raincoast

The cover of Tracking Raincoast into 2010 is a bear cub climbing a tree with a salmon in its mouth.

Get highlights from the year, our science, flagship projects, staff and volunteers, as well as a peak at what’s in store for the coming year with Tracking Raincoast, our annual report. Sign up to receive it in your mailbox.

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Films and Videos

An art from an oil-free coast artist paints in the great bear rainforest.

A collection of films and videos involving Raincoast and the topics we care about.

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Ilona Mihalik poses with her bike at the top of PKOLS.

I am riding my bike to save coastal carnivores, and you can help me

This area is home to each of these large carnivores, in addition to grizzly bears and wolverines. Unfortunately, they can all (with the exception of grizzly bears) be legally hunted for sport. You can help me protect them…

Moving marine-derived nutrients from the sea to the land

The aim of this research is to inform salmon management strategies given the importance of allowing adults to return to their natal streams to spawn. Considering this life cycle is imperative for management agencies…

Raincoast scientists learning with a camper on making grizzly bear paw cast

Koeye Camp – 20 years of engaging youth in science and culture

Every summer, Raincoast joins and supports the Qqs Project Society with Koeye camp, an innovative camp program that takes place in the Koeye River valley. This year was a particularly special year as it marked the 20-year anniversary of the camp…

Investigate. Inform. Inspire.

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