Science and education on the water

Achiever is Raincoast’s magic carpet to remote working environments.

Achiever is Raincoast’s magic carpet to remote working environments. While it ensures our safe and comfortable passage, Achiever needs ongoing care to provide this service. In the winter of 2023, Achiever spent a month in the shipyard having some internal tanks recoated and a new desalination system (water maker) installed before diving back into seabird surveys with Environment and Climate Change Canada. This has been the busiest year for Achiever to date. In the spring, we hosted various youth trips in the Salish Sea, and then sailed to the central coast to continue our long time support for the Qqs Projects Society’s Koeye Camp. 

After more seabird surveys in the summer, Achiever supported Raincoast’s Cetacean Conservation Research Program to conduct photogrammetry research on Northern Resident killer whales and humpback whales. In the fall, additional youth expeditions, “hunts” (using only cameras!), and engagement trips were organized.

Drone returning to pilots with their hands ready to catch it.
Photo by Alex Harris / Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

Overall, Achiever covered over 15,000 nautical miles in 2023! 

In 2024, Achiever will keep up the pace set in 2023 with more seabird surveys, cetacean research, and the monitoring of our hunting tenures. As Achiever nears its 20 year anniversary as Raincoast’s research vessel, the marine operations team is planning improvements to the vessel’s systems to power it into 20 more years of leading edge research and conservation on the BC coast.

This is an excerpt from our annual report, Tracking Raincoast into 2024.

Tracking Raincoast into 2024, annual report, cover and inside pages.

Our annual report is out now!

Get highlights from the year, our science, flagship projects, staff and volunteers, as well as a peek at what’s in store for the coming year.

Research scientist, Adam Warner conducting genetics research in our genetics lab.
Photo by Alex Harris / Raincoast Conservation Foundation.