Launching Raincoast’s photography ethics

What are your photography ethics?

A bear leans over to look closely at a camera on a tripod.

Photo by Kootenay Reflections Photography.

At Raincoast we are committed to only using images and video that are ethically obtained. We have now published our Photography Ethics Policy to guide both our acquisition and use of photography, whether for use on our website, social media platforms, printed materials or other uses. We will only use images from others that we feel align with these guidelines and we invite your feedback.

We believe that a photographer or videographer should not just consider ethics when capturing media, but should embody them at the core of their work. A photographer is in constant relationship with, and should be accountable to, the people and animals they interact with.

Being respectful at all times before, during, and after a shoot helps to ensure we maintain a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship between the subject and photographer and that people’s stories are told with consent and collaboration and that the safety and conservation of the wildlife and the places they call home are put first.

Please consider sharing this guide, referencing it on your own site and sharing via social media. We look forward to your feedback.