Raincoast Reflections Art Exhibit

Art exhibit enters final week

A large white bear painted on a purple background

A huge success, the Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s Art Exhibit at the Dales Gallery enters its final week. Our Gala Opening on 24 October saw a packed-house of supporters, visitors and artists, with even a couple of paintings sold – unusual for an opening. The Exhibit runs until 8 November, so there is still time to view the art, make a purchase offer and support the science efforts of Raincoast Conservation Foundation.
A large white bear painted on a purple background

Of particular interest is the one-of-a-kind polar bear painting by acclaimed artist James “Jimmy” Wright. Anyone donating $20,000 or more to Raincoast’s campaign to stop trophy hunting of grizzly bears in BC will be gifted this work of art by its owner – artist Kristine Paton.

Please visit the Exhibit at Dales Gallery (537 Fisgard Street, Victoria) and view this wonderful array of exceptional west coast art, through which you may marvel at our magnificent coast and appreciate the need to protect it.

Visit Raincoast’s Shop and Gallery to view some of the works on display and other art donated for our conservation programs.