Oil-Free Coast art auction impresses

Gulf Islands Driftwood
Dec 19, 2012
By Elizabeth Nolan
ArtSpring has hosted more than a few acclaimed artists and exhibitions in its history, but the recent visit of the travelling Oil-Free Coast show saw dozens of B.C.’s top artists unite for one impressive collective effort.
Over 60 pieces of art, most of them originals and almost all of them packing the visual punch of the large-scale format, have been donated to the Raincoast Conservation Foundation in a bid to protect the coast from Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project. Artists such as Robert Bateman, Carl Chaplin, Christian Morriseau, Craig Benson, Mark Hobson, Carol Evans, Roy Henry Vickers, Robert Davidson and more contributed their work, not just to raise funds but to raise awareness of the area in question. They fulfilled their goal admirably.
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