Collin Elder

Collin began painting two years ago, after leaving the realm of ecological conservation, which, along with a degree in wildlife biology, has focused his artwork on our deep and enigmatic connections with the natural world. His work is a transition from conservation and our relationship to the past into an expression of redesigning reality—embracing the interdependent nature of our connections with all life. Collin’s paintings reflect a yearning to show how the health of our human community relies on those connections.

Hoping to evoke a vivid sense of direct experience, he paints stories of our reciprocity with the fluid and ever-changing natural landscape. These stories reveal an ancient desire to heal spiritual amnesia and reunite our mental concepts with our bodily awareness, grounding them in the living world. The paintings look through our investigations, classifications, sciences, and technologies into active, subjective participation with an integral, holistic, and mysterious ecosystem.

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