April White

“From inspiration through conception of my art . . . it’s as if I am experiencing innate memories that connect me deeply to my cultural past. It’s as if my brain is doing the seeing, not my eyes.  The feeling of this cerebral vision is supernatural . . . magical.”

 April White received her BSc from UBC and worked as a field geologist, rendering the natural world into maps and honing her inherent artistic inclination. Formally named SGaana Jaad (Killerwhale Woman) in potlatch, she is a descendant of the renowned Haida Stastas Eagle Chief , artist Charles Edenshaw and weaver Isabella Edenshaw, and a member of the Yahgu’jaanaas Raven Clan. Born on Haida Gwaii, April honours her heritage as she interprets the natural and mythological world. Self-taught, she creates art conscious of the knife-edge balance of life— with her ancestors, she believes you must watch every step or fall off the edge of the Earth.

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