Salmon farms as a source of sea lice: Raincoast responds

Raincoast’s Michael Price and SFU’s John Reynolds respond to comments by DFO scientists Richard Beamish and Simon Jones.  The comments were published in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Price, M.H.H. and J.D. Reynolds. 2012. Salmon farms as a source of sea lice on juvenile wild salmon; reply to the comment by Jones and Beamish. Can. Journal of. Fish. Aquat. Sci. Vol 69.

Download the papers:

Raincoast biologist Michael Price and SFU  scientist John Reynolds 2012: Reply to comments by Jones and Beamish CJFAS

Comments by Jones and Beamish (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) on the publication: Farm induced lice infestations: Jones and Beamish 2012

Original publication in CJFAS:  Farm-induced sea lice infestations by Michael Price (Raincoast) and John Reynolds (Simon Fraser University) publish in 2010.  Farm-induced lice infestations_CJFAS 2010