U.S. spill turns up heat on proposed pipeline

Enbridge Northern Gateway is proposing a pipeline and oil tankers through BC

Vancouver Sun, August 3, 2010

Re: U.S. spill turns up heat on proposed B.C.-Alberta pipeline, July 29

With his “we’ll do whatever it takes to make things right” rhetoric, Enbridge Inc. CEO Patrick Daniel sounds remarkably like BP’s Tony Hayward. Oil-industry disaster-response talking points aside, British Columbians should be paying close attention to the Kalamazoo River and Gulf Coast spills and their aftermath. In Enbridge’s push to foist the Northern Gateway pipeline project on B.C., it’s clear we citizens and our magnificent north coast are nothing more than future collateral damage in Alberta’s fevered black-gold rush. However, British Columbians aren’t falling for the full-page Enbridge ads trumpeting how the Northern Gateway oil pipeline and its attendant supertankers will do everything from building sustainable communities to making our north coast safer for all marine traffic.

Chris Genovali

Executive director, Raincoast Conservation,

Sidney, BC