Now protect grizzly habitat

Letter to the Editor, Edmonton Journal

Re: Grizzlies at risk: province; Dwindling bears given threatened status,  The Journal, June 4.

Sustainable Resource Development Minister Mel Knight should be commended for finally listing the province’s grizzly bears as a threatened species and for keeping the trophy hunting ban in place. However, he falls critically short by failing to restrict access to grizzly habitat, as universally recommended by ecologically informed bear biologists.

Significantly reducing incursions into the bear’s habitat by the energy and forestry industries will be required if Alberta’s grizzly population is to recover.

In addition, the article states categorically that there are 17,000 grizzlies in B.C.; this number is speculative and should always be qualified as such. Grizzly population estimates in B.C. have been in dispute for many
years and remain a point of controversy.

Chris Genovali, executive director, Raincoast Conservation, Sidney, B.C.

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