How much is a grizzly bear’s life worth?

As the field season draws to a close, I finally have the time to reflect on some of our experiences.

As it appears, somebody else is doing some reflection.

We are pulling some of our remote cameras and inspecting the images of bears at our non-invasive hair-snagging stations.

We have captured some very beautiful bear moments, which I want to reveal over the next week or so.

Here’s the first image…it’s very beautiful. How pensive this big boy seems.

About what is he thinking? That he is sick of sedges? That he can hardly wait for salmon to arrive? That he is thankful that he is not being hunted by a commericial hunting operation?

I cannot tell you where it was taken, but I can tell you that it was in a watershed in our ‘hunting territory’ (in which we extinguished the commercial trophy hunting of bears and other carnivores). There is something profoundly special about knowing that Raincoast’s foresight could have saved the life of this bear and others. Clearly, his life is as valuable as yours and mine.