Raincoast calls on eBay to stop auctioning trophy hunts

CFAX 1070
Feb 11, 2009
Adam Stirling

Raincoast says the lives of BC’s majestic predators such as grizzly bears, black bears and cougars, should not be sold online. But, Raincoast executive director Chris Genovali says that’s exactly what’s happening with trophy hunts being auctioned off on eBay.Genovali says his group is not against hunting, but he says the line has to be drawn somewhere to protect North America’s big predators.

“Have they become so cheapened by the purveyors of trophy hunting that selling an opportunity to kill one is now as common as trying to unload a kitchen appliance or used car or something on eBay?”

Genovali says his group has sent a letter to the CEO of eBay asking that the site ban such auctions. He says he thinks his request is reasonable as eBay has already stopped selling ivory, because it encouraged the poaching of ivory bearing animals.