Preliminary Modeling of Deer Winter Range in Heiltsuk Territory of the Central Coast of British Columbia (2003)

The Raincoast Wolf Project has modeled winter range habitat for deer in Heiltsuk Territory on the Central Coast. Habitat that is important for deer is also important for wolves, other large predators, and human hunters of deer. This report, endorsed by the Heiltsuk Tribal Council, identifies important habitat for deer during winter – habitat that is non-renewable under current industrial forestry models. Critical deer winter range occurs on only a small proportion of Heiltsuk Territory. Notably, researchers identified that almost half of this important habitat type fallls within the Timber Harvest Land Base and thus is potentially targeted for timber removal. This work will serve as an important layer in land-use planning. Note: Researchers used Heiltsuk Tradititional Territory boundaries as recognised by the Heiltsuk but acknowledge that there is considerable overlap with Traditional Territories of other coastal First Nations.

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