Maureen Gordon
Board Chair

Maureen is a BC born and raised coastal advocate with a BA from the University of Victoria. In addition to being a part-owner and marketing manager for Maple Leaf Adventures (a BC expedition cruise company), she is also a writer whose award-winning publications span the spectrum from essays and feature articles to poetry. Traveling to other parts of the world has convinced Maureen that the BC coastline is significant on a global scale. She believes it is a rare and precious wealth that we are just beginning to understand. She believes strongly in the partnership between science, conservation and regenerative business.

“Raincoast is a visionary organization that also has the courage and the chops to turn that vision into reality. I have such respect for the team, their approach and their results, both as a member of an entrepreneurial green business and as someone who believes that science is one of humans’ valuable ways of knowing. It is an honour to serve on Raincoast’s board.”

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