Alex Harris
Communications Manager

Alex is the Communications Manager at Raincoast. Her work involves supporting science communications for Raincoast’s programs including web articles, press, website, social media and storytelling through photography and videography. 

Alex was born and raised by the Salish Sea. From a young age, she fostered a deep connection and responsibility to the environment. She first picked up a camera at the age of nine, photographing wildlife and friends and started a Shutterbug Club in highschool. She went on to study Geography at the University of British Columbia and quickly found herself thriving in a niche of environmental and social justice storytelling after making her first film about the Northern Gateway pipeline.  

Alex sees media as a critical tool to uplift voices, elicit empathy, inspire action, communicate science, and create change. She values ongoing community relationships and is humbled to work alongside dedicated environmental stewards and community leaders. In her spare time, you can find Alex crafting, foraging, farming or in the woods with her camera.

Alex Harris, photographer, with a toque on .

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Drone image taken above Fairy Creek - an unlogged watershed.

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Southern Resident killer whale in the ocean.

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