An oil spill could be ‘catastrophic’ for British Columbia killer whales

Orca population would not survive an ecological incident, researchers say By Nicholas Read, Special To The Sun March 22, 2010 British Columbia killer whales could become extinct in the long term if an oil spill similar in scope to that from the Exxon Valdez occurred off the coast of B.C., says a conservation biologist with…

Of whales and plastic

Of whales and plastic

I had spent the entire day hiking solo around Trutch Island on B.C.’s central coast looking for the feces of canis lupus for Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s wolf research project. Trutch doesn’t have a lot of distinguishing features and the landscape became somewhat uniform in the stupefaction caused by 10 hours of bush whacking.

God save thee, albatross

Chris Genovali | Monday Magazine | March 11, 2009 I’m on my back on the aft deck of Raincoast’s research vessel. My repose is involuntary as we ply the lumpy waters of Haida Gwaii’s west coast. Not one prone to sea-sickness, I nevertheless feel like my head is virtually nailed down, a result of the…

Pipeline Peril

Calgary Herald\ January 4, 2009\ \ by Chris Genovali\ \ Re: “Syncrude duck deaths cap oilpatch’s ‘dirty’ year,” Dec. 29. The oilsands could impact avian life beyond the waterfowl migrating through and nesting in Alberta’s boreal forest.