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The bear necessities of the salmon fishery

Grizzly wades through water with salmon in its mouth

Vancouver Sun

As Earth Day approaches on Sunday our thoughts turn to two of the most iconic species in BC, wild salmon and grizzly bears, as well as their intertwined relationship and how the choices we make are inextricably linked to their fates…

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Field Notes: Saving our bears

Outpost Magazine,  April 2010, by Chris Darimont In one of Nature’s most elegant pas de daux, salmon and bear engage in a delicate dance for survival.  The bear is losing… We’re searching for solutions to one of the most critical questions facing coastal B.C. today: how to guarantee grizzlies enough salmon to ensure their survival. […]

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Not your average bear

Albino grizzly bear Great Bear Rainforest

Seaside Times, April 2010, By Chris Genovali, Executive Director, Raincoast Conservation Foundation As Raincoast’s research vessel Achiever pulled into the inlet on British Columbia’s north coast I glassed the port side shoreline with my binoculars, checking for wildlife.  It was that magical time right before dusk when unexpected and unusual things often manifest in the […]

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Salmon for Bears

How do salmon declines affect coastal bears? And how much salmon biomass is required to sustain terrestrial species? These are questions many people are asking in light of the increasing number of salmon runs that fail to return as expected to fall spawning streams.

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