Save the Great Bears campaign update

A grizzly bear wanders over the grassy shores of the Great Bear Rainforest.

The NDP announcement to end all hunting of grizzly bears in the Great Bear Rainforest (GBR) is a huge conservation success. All hunting of grizzlies will end in the GBR from this November onward. However, there is much more to do to Save the Great Bears.

As Raincoast already owns three hunting tenures in the GBR, we are engaging with the provincial government, alongside our Coastal First Nations partners, to ensure that this ban is effective. This means discussions on monitoring and enforcement, as well as the necessity of protecting grizzlies that spend much of their time within the areas covered by the ban, but occasionally cross boundaries into areas where they are not protected.

What we do know is that the ban does not stop the ongoing killing of wolves, cougars and hundreds of black bears that remain at risk from trophy hunters in the GBR. Many of these black bears carry the rare Spirit bear gene. For these reasons, we continue to negotiate with existing owners to acquire all commercial hunting rights in the GBR. We need to ensure that grizzly bears, as well as these other large carnivores, are fully and permanently protected and are not at risk from any future change of government (we’ve seen this once before) or the acquisition of these hunting rights by unscrupulous interests. Taking trophy hunters off the GBR landscape remains one of our core objectives and we’ll need your continued support to make that possible.

While the Save the Great Bears campaign is focused on the Great Bear Rainforest, we also remain in opposition to the notion of the proposed “food hunt” for grizzly bears in the rest of the province. Grizzlies are hunted for trophies and attempting to disguise the killing of these iconic animals as a food hunt doesn’t change that fact.

Conservation solutions are rarely black and white. Rest assured we’re right there working to clarify and solidify these gains for the benefit of BC’s wildlife.

Thank you for getting us this far.

Brian Falconer on the Achiever.

Brian Falconer, Guide Outfitter Coordinator

You can find Brian at his desk and on the Achiever navigating the waters of the Great Bear Rainforest. He’s here for the coast.

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