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Canada should rethink unproven, dangerous chemical ‘cleanup’ of marine oil spills

J50 and J42 in the Salish Sea.

As noted, Corexit can also be toxic to wildlife. For some species, such as herring embryos, toxicity occurs because Corexit does what it was designed to do: increase the concentration of petroleum hydrocarbons in the water column. However, there is also a growing body of research, much of it conducted in response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010…

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Review process fatally flawed

Kitimat Northern Sentinel July 22, 2009 Chris Genovali Re: “Channel Watch demands inquiry” (Sentinel, July 8), the federal government’s joint review panel (JRP) process for the proposed Enbridge “Northern Gateway” pipeline is fatally flawed as the parameters for assessing risk illogically stop at the putative Kitimat terminal.

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At what price…. tankers?

Globe and Mail July 21 2009 Chris Genovali Coastal First Nations executive director Art Sterritt summed up the threat posed by oil tankers that would ship tar-sands crude from Enbridge Inc.’s pipeline

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Environment debate should be the focus

by Chris Genovali Saanich News May 8, 2009 The May 1 News editorial: “Let’s get down to business” rightly laments that “we are less than two weeks away from election day in B.C. and we’re still waiting for the campaign to present significant debate

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Silent Fall and Ghost Runs

ISLAND TIDES Dec 11, 2008 By Chris Genovali The silence along the river was almost deafening. No birds, bears or wolves appeared along the banks. The reason soon became obvious: not a single salmon was to be seen in the glacial-fed water. Not a single salmon carcass lay on the ground, not in the estuary […]

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Monitoring gaps endanger salmon runs: study

Lack of accurate stock information leads to overfishing, scientists say\ \ BY JUDITH LAVOIE\ Times Colonist\ DECEMBER 4, 2008\ \ Salmon runs are collapsing because inadequate and inaccurate monitoring by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans is leading to overfishing, says a study published yesterday in the National Research Council’s Canadian Journal of Fisheries and […]

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