Campbell’s contradictions on fossil fuel development

FOCUS Magazine January 2009 by Chris Genovali In Katherine Gordon’s “The Inconvenient Truth About Her Axe and His Tax,” Premier Gordon Campbell’s facile explanation regarding the stark disconnect between his implementation of the carbon tax and his continued support for intensive fossil fuel development escapes indepth scrutiny.

Write letters

Contacting provincial and federal elected officials, as well as members of the opposition and newspapers, is an effective and important way to communicate your thoughts on an issue.  Here are some key contacts. Provincial BC Premier Hon. Gordon Campbell (and MLA Vancouver-Point Grey)Mailing address: PO Box 9041 Stn Prov Govt  Victoria, BC  V8W 9E2Email:

Small streams surveys

Small streams surveys

Our interest in small streams stems from their importance to genetic diversity, as nutrient corridors for riparian habitats, food and access sources for bears and other predators, evolutionary opportunities, and fresh water rearing habitat for juvenile salmon, especially coho. When combined, small streams can also provide moderate salmon production which can be important for subsistence fisheries.

Environmentalists decry hunting's record toll on B.C. grizzlies

MARK HUME From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail April 15, 2008 at 3:57 AM EDT VANCOUVER — A record number of grizzly bears were killed in British Columbia last year, according to new figures released yesterday by environmental organizations. “It’s kind of shocking … very disturbing,” Chris Genovali of the Raincoast Conservation Society said of provincial…

Rally sounded a warning. Is anybody listening?

Island’s old-growth forests continue to disappear while governments do little Chris Genovali, Special to Times Colonist, Page A11 Published: Thursday, April 03, 2008 It was heartening to see the strong show of support for Vancouver Island’s dwindling old growth forests (“Logging protesters circle legislature,” Times Colonist March 29) at the rally over the weekend.

Oil Subsidies Undermine Tax

By CHRIS GENOVALI Victoria Times Colonist: Letters to the Editor Published: Thursday, February 21, 2008 While the Liberals try to foster a transition to a low-carbon economy via the new carbon-pricing initiative, their budget announcement simultaneously includes a 24 per cent increase in oil and gas subsidies, in addition to further funding and promotion of…

Citizen Science

Citizen Science

Are you venturing into the Great Bear Rainforest and looking for a way to help out? Our Citizen Science Project lets you contribute to our research in this beautiful area! What is Citizen Science? Citizen science is a term used when scientific work is carried out using a network of volunteers, many of whom may…