Study suggests grizzly bear hunts are threatening their numbers in B.C.

A mother grizzly bear stands with two cubs on the edge of a clearing

Sandra McCulloch / Times Colonist
November 6, 2013

Trophy hunting is threatening B.C.’s grizzly bear populations, with legally sanctioned hunters regularly killing more animals than allowed under the province’s own management policy, scientists from the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, the University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University have found.

A study published online today in the internatonal journal Plos One questions the B.C. government’s assertion that “sound science” is used to manage the grizzly hunt.

“Given widespread public disapproval for this ethically and culturally unacceptable trophy hunt, current provincial management of grizzlies seems to be driven more by bad political science than good biological science,” said Chris Genovali, executive director of Raincoast Conservation Foundation…

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