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‘Spirit Bear’ hunting territory now secured


By Chris Genovali, Raincoast Executive Director


On the heels of last weeks declaration by 10 coastal First Nations of their opposition to sport hunting of grizzly and black bears, Raincoast announced the completed purchase of our second hunting territory.

This purchase adds to our existing territory and secures our exclusive commercial rights to trophy hunting across a large portion of BC’s Great Bear Rainforest.

This 3,500 sq km (1,351 sq mi) hunting license lies in the heart of Spirit bear habitat and abuts the tenure Raincoast purchased in 2005 – BC’s first conservation acquisition of a guide outfitting territory. Combined, Raincoast now controls more than 28 thousand sq km (10,810 sq mi) of commercial hunting territory.

“As owners of these guide outfitting territories our intention is to support economic initiatives by coastal First Nations that are based on bear viewing,” said Raincoast’s Brian Falconer. “Accordingly, we will continue to manage our territories in consultation with First Nations – this means no bears are killed under these license purchases.”

Although it is illegal to kill the white (Spirit) bears, this acquisition stops the commercial hunting of black bears that carry the gene responsible for their white coat. The acquisition also supports the wildlife viewing initiatives of the Kitasoo/Xais-Xais and Gitga’at First Nations.

“Raincoast’s purchase of this territory supports the Kitasoo/Xais-Xais investment in sustainable eco-tourism” said Chief Councillor Doug Neasloss, who also serves as head guide at the beautiful Spirit Bear Lodge in Klemtu.

Kevin Smith, president of the ecotourism company Maple Leaf Adventures, also expressed support. “This is great news, from an economic and ethical standpoint.”

Raincoast salutes all our donors who gave so generously to this acquisition and made it a reality. We are extremely grateful for your support and are deeply gratified to share this success with you.

For the bears,

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Raincoast’s new territory in yellow, added to our first purchase (green), gives us control of commercial hunting in over 28,000 sq km of the Great Bear Rainforest.



Although it is illegal to shoot Kermode (Spirit) bears, it is legal to shoot black bears that carry the gene that creates the white coat.


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The 3,500 sq km Spirit bear territory includes Princess Royal, Gribbel and other islands. Raincoast’s purchase also stops the commercial killing of coastal wolves within this vast territory. “We applaud Raincoast for their ability to make this happen” ~ Maple Leaf Adventures