First day of fieldwork for the Bear Scene Investigation (BSI) team

After an almost 24-hour trip from Victoria to Bella Bella and a 3-day stint of preparation and decompression, today was the first day back in the field for the BSI (Bear Scene Investigation) crew.

Today’s doses of sun followed yesterday’s 50+ mm of rain quite nicely, and made for a great reintroduction to our coastal study area!

This year we welcome 2 new members to our team:  Harvey Brown Sr., our newest field tech, and Zen, our field cat.  We also recruited a new Raincoast supporter today: Mike the Mink.

Mike the Mink
Mike the Mink

Returning crew include Heather Bryan (‘All-weather Heather’), Christina Service (‘Calamine Chris’), ‘Dashing’ Doug Brown, Howard Humchitt (‘Hard Rock Howard’), me (‘Sunshine’ Artelle), and Newton, our field dog.  We were also pleased to be welcomed by our field station’s long-standing mascot: Harold the Heron.

Harold the Heron
Harold the Heron

We sadly miss Collin Reid (‘Grizz’) this year, though we wish him well on Goose Island!  We also miss our go-to boat-fixing, bait-mixing, do-it-all man Ian Jansma, though we wish him well in his new adventures. We also await the return of our benevolent leader, Chris Darimont (Pappa-bear daddymont) who will be joining us shortly, following a full-time stint of daddy duty in Victoria.

In the coming weeks we will blog frequently, so stay tuned to find out more about the 2011 Bear-Carnivore field crew saga!

PS.  Patagonia is a great supporter of ours; one of the ways they support us is by very generously donating equipment used to keep us dry in the wet, wet field.  Attached is a recent goofy video we made thanking them for their recent donation of gear (featured in the video), our ‘Christmas in May’.  Enjoy!

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