The importance of large carnivores: Awakening Spirits

Raincoast senior scientist Dr. Paul Paquet and his co-authors have written a chapter about the ecological role of large carnivores on the landscape.   The Importance of Large Carnivores is part of the new book  Awakening SpiritsWolves in the Southern Rockies.

Edited by Richard P. Reading, Brian Miller, Amy L. Masching, Rob Edward, and Michael K. Phillips, the book offers fascinating insight on restoring the wolf population to the southern Rockies.  Detailed reports by wildlife biologists, geographers, legal and policy experts, and conservationists provide a comprehensive look at not only the ecological imperatives, but also the history, legal framework, and public attitudes affecting the future of wolves.


Paquet, P.C., B. Miller, K. Kunkel, R.P. Reading, and M.K. Phillips. 2011. The Importance of Large Carnivores in Awakening Spirits: Wolves of the Southern Rockies. R.P. Reading, B. Miller, A.L. Masching, R. Edward, and M. K. Phillips eds. Fulcrum Publishing. CO, USA

Read the chapter:   The Importance of Large Carnivores

Book available at Amazon:  Awakening Spirits: Wolves of the Southern Rockies