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The following pieces are two examples of the extraordinary original art donated by the artists to Raincoast in a effort to stop Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project and its oil tanker proposal.  Much of the art has now been sold by auction raising over $125,000 to date.

What Lies Beneath by Chil Thom  
86 x 102 cm  Acrylic on canvas                                                                              From Chili:  The piece itself took about 3 weeks to finish, but hopefully that helps to prevent what could be destroyed in 3 seconds with a tanker spill.




The Raincoast Bowl by Craig Benson 
76 x 97 x 28 cm Bronze bowl
A single piece of Brazilian soapstone weighing 227 kilograms was carved 360 degrees over a period of fifteen months. Raincoast Bowl was cast from this carving and represents our coastal estuaries with wolves; black and grizzly bears; and pink, coho, and spring salmon