Fearsome deer hunters? No, wolves would rather dine on a dainty fish dish

By Daily Mail Reporter September 2, 2008 Wolves have a reputation as fearsome meat-eating hunters, but given the choice they would rather have a tasty salmon, scientists have found. This is because a leisurely fishing trip is safer and less exhausting than chasing deer. Salmon also provides an excellent source of nutrition.

Small streams surveys

Small streams surveys

Our interest in small streams stems from their importance to genetic diversity, as nutrient corridors for riparian habitats, food and access sources for bears and other predators, evolutionary opportunities, and fresh water rearing habitat for juvenile salmon, especially coho. When combined, small streams can also provide moderate salmon production which can be important for subsistence fisheries.

Sea lice are spreading. Is the government noticing?

By Stephen Hume Vancouver Sun January 23, 2008 Sea lice infestations affecting wild salmon smolts that migrate past fish farms have been found in yet another region of British Columbia’s remote coast. The problem poses potential headaches for the provincial government, since it suggests implications for commercial and recreational fisheries worth close to $1 billion…

Great Bear Rainforest Agreement

An ongoing assessment of British Columbia’s efforts in protecting the Great Bear Rainforest September 1, 2005 Proposed land use plans for Great Bear Rainforest scientifically inadequate The British Columbia government is currently deciding whether or not to legally implement a new conservation blueprint for the Great Bear Rainforest. After years of consultation with the forestry…