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Groundswell: a surfer movie

Groundswell undertook a US west coast tour in the Fall of 2012 and is now screening locally and internationally. Check out dates and locations for Canadian, US and global cities.

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A surfer slides ahead of the curl with giant trees looming in the background

In collaboration with Patagonia and accomplished film maker Chris Malloy, Raincoast set sail with a world-famous line up of US and Canadian surfers into the Great Bear Rainforest. Their goal was to produce an epic surf documentary while at the same time educating people as to the threats and potential impacts of the Northern Gateway project to both habitat and a way of life.

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Groundswell: take action

Get informed, show up, write, and speak out. Use your local newspaper, facebook or twitter. You can even get the film and show it your home town. Oh, and send a message to Stephen Harper too.

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Enbridge Parody

Veteran political cartoonist Dan Murphy says his newspaper backed down in a fight with one of Canada’s largest energy companies over a spoof of an advertisement.

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