Groundswell Film Premieres

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Last fall Raincoast’s research vessel, Achiever, set sail with Patagonia and their world-famous team of surfers.  As ocean ambassadors, we embarked on an adventure that allowed these high profile surfers to experience this amazing coast. The crew encountered incredible coastal wildlife, we explored

A small film about making a big stand

Groundswell Film Premieres


This NFTF introduces a new set of voices supporting the conservation of our spectacular coast.

Last fall, Raincoast set sail with Patagonia, their world-famous team of surfers and Canada’s top ranked surfer Pete Devries. We embarked on an adventure that allowed these high profile ambassadors for marine life to experience this amazing coast. We encountered incredible wildlife, explored rivers full of salmon, and shared surf line-ups with whales and dolphins.

Our collaboration with accomplished filmmaker, Chris Malloy, has produced a remarkable 25-minute documentary titled GROUNDSWELL. It chronicles not only a world-class surfing adventure, but provides a cerebral and compelling examination of an issue that embodies a great many aspects of today’s environmental challenges and opportunities: our energy future, geopolitics, aboriginal rights and title, and more. Raincoast crew and local First Nation leaders drive the narrative.

View the trailer.

The BC screenings of Groundswell will also feature another short Raincoast documentary titled Reflections: Art for an oil-free coast that premiered at the 2012 Vancouver International Film Festival.

The premiere for Groundswell will be held in Canada’s surf capital, Tofino on November 1st; followed by Victoria (Nov 2) and Vancouver (Nov 3). A tour of US coastal cities and surf meccas will follow BC.

Shows, tickets and locations can be found here.

The film showings come as Raincoast prepares for the Joint Review Panel hearings on the Northern Gateway Proposal.

Thankyou to our sponsors! Patagonia, Hemp & Company, Measure Accounting Co, Shelter Restraunt, HtO Sun Surf Swimwear, The Conservation Alliance, Tofino Sea Kayaking Co and the University of Victoria.

Please support our work to remove the threat of tankers from Canada’s raincoast.


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The only things that should be crashing on these beaches are waves.




With “skin in the game” surfers are a good human approximation for marine mammals and bring a fresh and compelling voice to the battle to stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway project.


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The Groundswell expedition saw Achiever captain Brian Falconer searching out the places he has spent 30 years trying to avoid – big surf ! Patagonia surf ambassador Chris Malloy is also an award winning filmmaker – a combination that brings a powerful message about a coast at risk. Groundswell includes powerful narrative from local First Nations friends who understand more than most about what is truly at stake.


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