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Cougars: BC’s neglected carnivore

In anticipation of the first provincial management plan for cougars, Raincoast Conservation Foundation released the report, British Columbia’s Neglected Carnivore: a conservation assessment and conservation planning guide for Cougars.

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Group says animal welfare rules should apply in the wild – and these images show you why

Remote cameras in the forests near Bella Bella show bears hanging out in a circle. By Judith Lavoie, Times Colonist Photographs by: Raincoast Conservation Foundation. Animal-welfare rules that apply to animals in captivity like pets and farm animals should also apply to wildlife, says a newly published study by scientists from the Victoria -based Raincoast […]

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Howling and yowling

MONDAY MAGAZINE -letters July 29, 2009 Howling and yowling Re: “Big Cats on the Prowl,” July 2-8 I am compelled to respond to some of the myriad inaccuracies in Willi Boepple’s letter about cougars, Sitka black-tailed deer and my article on both species which recently appeared in Monday.

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Cougar Turf

Fatal animal attacks are rare, but with a recent spike in cougar maulings, a plan is needed as urban sprawl threatens the habitat of predators By Tiffany Crawford CanWest News Service July 14, 2009 OTTAWA — Fatal attacks on humans by animals with big, sharp teeth are rare in Canada despite a recent spike in […]

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