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Scientific Literature

All of Raincoast’s published scientific papers, abstracts, and conference proceedings.

Time-delayed subsidies: Interspecies population effects in salmon

Salmon floating in a stream

Published on 2014.06.10 | by Raincoast | in Salmon

New study from SFU and Raincoast shows the benefits from higher numbers of spawning pink and chum salmon on coho…

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Spawning pink and chum salmon provide benefits to coho

Published on 2014.06.09 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders, Salmon

Research from SFU and Raincoast scientists shows juvenile coho salmon benefit from dining on the carcasses of spawning pink and chum salmon.

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When Science-Based Management Isn’t

Published on 2014.03.25 | by Raincoast | in Grizzly Bears

Raincoast & SFU scientists just published a letter in the international journal SCIENCE. It calls out the BC gov’t for making politically motivated decisions and calling them ‘scientific’…

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Confronting uncertainty in wildlife management: performance of grizzly bear management

3 trophy hunters kneel behind a dead grizzly.

Published on 2013.12.01 | by Raincoast | in Scientific Literature

Raincoast scientists and partners reveal that the excess mortality in the BC grizzly hunt (ie killing more bears than is sustainable) may have occurred in up to 70% of cases examined.

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Grizzly bear hunt not founded in science say Raincoast scientists

Published on 2013.11.30 | by Raincoast | in Grizzly Bears

“Confronting Uncertainty in Grizzly Bear Management” is a paper published by Raincoast scientists and our partners that challenges the BC government’s claim of sound scientific management over its grizzly hunt.

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Stress and Reproductive Hormones in Grizzly Bears Reflect Nutritional Benefits and Social Consequences

Grizzly wades through water with salmon in its mouth

Published on 2013.11.27 | by Raincoast | in Backgrounders, Grizzly Bears, Salmon

Salmon declines could have long-term effects on grizzly bear health, conclude scientists from Raincoast in a study published today in the scientific journal PLOS ONE…

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Bears, salmon and forests: new research on old connections

Published on 2013.10.22 | by Raincoast | in Grizzly Bears, Salmon

Raincoast and UVic scientists finds new reasons to support the importance of bears and salmon for tree growth in the ancient forests of Haida Gwaii…

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Animal welfare papers presented at conference: Abstracts

Published on 2012.10.24 | by Raincoast | in Animal Welfare, Coastal Wolves

Raincoast has been pushing the idea of animal welfare considerations in wildlife management. The topic was addressed at the Wildlife Society’s Annual Conference where Raincoast presented two papers.

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Pipeline spill impacts to BC parks published in scientific journal

Published on 2012.10.22 | by Raincoast | in Scientific Literature

Raincoast scientists evaluate the impacts to parks from a Northern Gateway pipeline spill. The study was published in the Natural Areas Journal…

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