Raincoast files its final arguments to the NEB

Our opposition lies primarily on the threats to Southern Resident killer whales and risks to Fraser River wild salmon.

Southern Resident killer whale pokes head above water, displaying a classic spyhop behaviour

The Raincoast Conservation Foundation, along with its partner Living Oceans Society, have filed their final arguments in the National Energy Board’s review of Kinder Morgan’s proposed Trans Mountain pipeline and oil tanker expansion. Raincoast and Living Oceans are represented by our legal counsel at Ecojustice. We are opposed to the Trans Mountain project based on the threats and risks it presents to coastal wildlife. Our primary opposition is based on extensive analysis of the implications of the project on Canada’s endangered population of Southern Resident killer whales and to Canada’s largest runs of wild salmon in the Fraser River.

Download our final NEB arguments (PDF).

Check out our evidence submissions and correspondences with the NEB.

Watch our final oral argument to the panel (Note: audio and video loose their synching shortly into the video).

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