BC’s Open Season On Wolves

The Huffington Post Province gives go ahead on open season for wolves, but Raincoast carnivore expert Dr. Paul Paquet says the decision is based on anecdotal reports of wolf numbers and will likely create more problems than it solves...

Ranchers Relieved But Critics Rankled By Suspect Science

The Huffington Post

100 MILE HOUSE,  B.C. – Hunted to near-extinction in North America by the 1950s, the British Columbia wolf population has long since rebounded.  Now, this secretive nocturnal predator finds itself in the glare of the public eye once again after the provincial government lifted hunting restrictions on wolves in a region of the province.

Ranchers in the Cariboo region say they’re relieved that they’ll be able to hunt and trap wolves preying on their cattle, but critics say the open season is bad management based on poor science.

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