Coin series dedication laudable

A wolf looks through the grass in BC

By Chris Genovali, Letter to the Windsor Star

Re: Mint sees silver lining with new wolf coin, Postmedia  News, Sept. 9.

The Royal Canadian Mint’s silver coin series dedicated to wildlife  is laudable. However, the irony of this announcement is inescapable  given the level of persecution wolves face across the country.

This is particularly true in British Columbia where an estimated  800 wolves are killed annually for recreational purposes. In  addition, B.C. wolves are regularly scapegoated for the decline of  everything from marmots to mountain caribou, and then subjected to  government-sanctioned culls and lethal “predator control” actions.

Canadians love the iconography of big wildlife, like wolves,  grizzly bears and cougars but unfortunately, this fascination with  animal symbolism doesn’t seem to translate into policies that  further the conservation and welfare of these large carnivores.

CHRIS GENOVALI is the executive director of Raincoast Conservation, Sidney,  B.C.